Payload required to create a temporal data object

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1input CreateTDOInJob {
2# Start date and time. ISO-8601 standard strings
3# and numerical format in either Unix format (seconds
4# since epoch) or milliseconds since epoch are accepted.
5startDateTime: DateTime
7# Stop date and time. ISO-8601 standard strings
8# and numerical format in either Unix format (seconds
9# since epoch) or milliseconds since epoch are accepted.
10stopDateTime: DateTime
12# Status, such as "downloaded" or "recording".
13# The server will set a value if one is not provided.
14status: String
16# A name for the TDO object, such as the name of the primary media file.
17name: String
19# A description for the TDO object.
20description: String
22# True if the new TDO should be made public. If true,
23# will be set to true and users from other organizations will be able to
24# view, but not modify, the TDO's metadata and assets.
25isPublic: Boolean
27# An optional parent folder ID for the new TemporalDataObject.
28# The folder can be filed in additional folders later using
29# `fileTemporalDataObject`,
30# or un-filed from this one.
31parentFolderId: ID
33# Optionally, set source data for this TDO. Source data identifies
34# that task that generated this TDO. If the TDO was not generated as part
35# of engine or adapter execution, this field should not be set.
36# However, it is _strongly_ recommended that engines that create TDOs
37# set this field. Doing so ensures that later tasks in the same job
38# have appropriate access to the new TDO.
39sourceData: SetTDOSourceData
41details: JSONData
43# Optionally, specify one or more structured data objects to apply as
44# content templates to the TDO. They will be stored as assets of type
45# content-template and will contain an immutable copy of the original data.
46contentTemplates: [CreateTDOContentTemplateWithTDO!]
48# Optionally, add the new data to the search index. If the data is not
49# indexed on creation, it can be indexed later by using `updateTDO` or
50# creating a suitable job.
51addToIndex: Boolean
53# An optional thumbnail URL for the TDO
54thumbnailUrl: String
56# An optional preview asset URL for the TDO
57previewUrl: String
59# An optional image representing the TDO source
60sourceImageUrl: String
62# Optionally, provide information to create one or more assets.
63assets: [CreateAssetInTDO!]

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